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Welcome to Sunday Paws - the place where unique dog accessories come to play! We are dog lovers and owners from Auckland, New Zealand working as a destination for premium toys and dog products that not only bring you and your pup joy but are thoughtfully crafted and made to absolute pawfection!

which toys and accessories will raise the ruff for your doggo?


holly & co
velvet harness
First of it's kind and now available here at Sunday Paws in New Zealand.
show me all colours
Now you can walk your furry friend and manage your morning coffee easily – no more awkward beverage and leash juggling.
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Find your Pup’s Pawsonality!

The Playtime Pup

Toys are your bread and butter. It doesn’t matter if they squeak, roll, or shake you can master them. You have your old faves, but always have a curiosity about new toys and how they can challenge you. Playtime is all the time, and that’s how you like it.

The Dress up Doggo

Textures and tones are your second language. A self proclaimed fashionista from theget go, you know how to personalise your accessories and make them your own. Colour coordination is a must and if it sparkles and is puparazzi worthy it’s for you!

Did you find your Pup’s Pawsonality?

Walkie Masters

Make a fashion statement from the moment you put them on your doggo and head out the door. We not only focus on the quality of use for your dog but the usability for you as their owner and how great they look walking down the street. The Saint Rue leashes which will be available in two colours and feature a matching shoulder strap for you to take styling your OOTD with your furry fashionista to the next level.

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Cool canines

For the cool canines in the back, our sleek dog bow ties and sailor bows will get tails wagging for your next trip to the dog park with their cute designs and ability to compliment your puppies eyes! Our dog tags are of very few words, but ones that will stay memorable and leave a lasting impression.

(Bows coming soon!)

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water puppies

We’ve got you sorted thanks to the Charlie’s Backyard DeWater Leash range which is waterproof, stain proof and stink proof whilst featuring in the colours in pink and blue. Oh… and DeWater collars available to match. Each range is comfortable, loves dogs and is guaranteed to make them feel and look like a superstar.

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about us

Sunday Paws is a place for dog mums & dads to find dog toys and accessories that engage any doggo’s senses and provide them with hours of fun, whilst being durable and striking to look at.

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what's a tail wagging good dog walk kit?

colourful, innovative and sturdy designs

Our colourful, innovative and sturdy designs are ideal for the ultimate playtime adventures your furry friend wishes to embark on. Our accessories range include collars and harnesses built to adapt to each doggo’s needs and abilities with a range of colours to match their personality and fashion sense.

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But wait, what about leashes? We thought you’d never ask!

We work with excellent brands including High5dogs whose CLIC leashes are not only striking to look at, but are made to be used for the long haul and grow with you and your pup with four custom settings that you can adjust to.

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