10 gift ideas for the dog-lover in your life

Do you have a special pooch-parent in your life? Dog-mums spend so much time, love, and appreciation on their furbabies all year, and sometimes it’s nice to give back. Say ‘thank you’ to that special person in your life by surprising her with some of our pawfect products. 

Buy the donut pet tag here
Buy the daisy pet tag here
Buy the ‘I’m lost’ collection here

For the mum that loves walking and visiting the park, our ID tags are the perfect option. Not only do they show off your pup’s personality, but they also help your dog to be identified if they ever escape. Losing your dog is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Our ID tags help to ease that worry and provide good samaritans with a way to contact you if things ever go paw-shaped. Our tags are stylish and durable, so your pet can still look fashionable while staying safe. We also offer personalised engraving when you order so that you can sort it all out in one easy order. 

For the pet parent that loves to be social, try our signature CLIC leash range. These stylish leads look perfect when you’re running errands, visiting a pup-friendly cafe, or meeting up with friends. We stock a range of CLIC leashes, meaning you can buy the leash that suits your needs. 

Our CLIC leash is the ultimate time-saver. No more tying knots around a pole or spending furrever trying to untangle the lead afterwards! A single CLIC will have the lead fastened, and another CLIC will release it. Look fashionable and save time with this stylish leash. Buy it here
Our Shoulder CLIC leash provides all the amazing features of the CLIC leash, but with the added benefit of being able to use it as a cross-body leash. You can now walk your dog hands-free, perfect for when you’re holding a coffee and chatting on the phone. The shoulder CLIC also comes with the revolutionary ‘Leader System’, where one simple adjustment allows you to transition between four different settings. It can be used as traditional collar or harness, as a semi-slip leash, a training leash, or as a fixed collar and leash combination. This allows for extra convenience, meaning you don’t need to carry around all of these separate options! Buy it here


For the employed parent, it’s always a struggle to keep your dog entertained while you’re trying to work. Bored dogs will often turn to destruction, and the last thing you want is to come home to chewed furniture and broken plants. Our toys help keep your pup stimulated and distracted, so you can achieve everything on your schedule.

Our popcorn plush is guaranteed to entertain your pooch for hours. Stuff the kernels into the hole, sit back and relax while your dog tries to dig them all out again! The popcorn kernels even squeak for that extra dose of fun. Browse our range of cute plushies here

Is your dog a natural problem-solver? This puzzle game rewards your dog for using their brain and encourages them to be more curious. Simply fill the different pockets with treats, and close them up. Once given to your dog, they will spend the day trying to get out all the tasty morsels. A happy dog and a happy parent! Buy the puzzler here

 For the fashionista mum and pup combo, we have matching accessories so that you can both step out in style. Choose from a range of straps, bandanas, harnesses, and plenty of others. 

This cute bandana will have all the pooches and parents envious of your pup’s style. Featuring an adjustable neckline, you can tailor it to fit your dog perfectly. With different patterns and colours available, you can match your pup’s outfit to yours! Buy this patterned bandana here



Want everyone to know that your dog has pawfect style? These gorgeous collars are durable and comfortable, so you don’t need to compromise safety for fashion. Based on streetwear branding, these collars were made extra wide to protect the comfort of your dog’s throat. Buy a collar here and a matching lead here


For the dog that loves to pull, a harness is a much safer option. Distributing the weight across the chest instead of solely on their throat will mean that they’re less likely to hurt themselves when trying to chase after that pesky bird. Not only are our harnesses safer for your pooch, but they’re also stylish. With three different colours to choose from, your pup will soon be the talk of the town. Buy the yellow harness here.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all that she does. Why not say thanks with some of our beautiful accessories? Your furbaby is part of the family, and we are dedicated to showing that. Sunday Paws is a place for owners to find toys and accessories that engage any doggo’s senses, and provide them with hours of fun whilst still being durable and aesthetically-pleasing. With products for every occasion, you can be sure to find something that suits both you and your pup.