What is CLIC dog leash?

Whether you're gearing up for your new puppy arrival, bigger boy and girl in training, office dogs, or you're a styling savvy dog mum & dad. We have a small surprise for you!
The innovative and unique CLIC dog leash system is a must. All dog owners have never looked back since encountering CLIC. What's even better? A WIDE range of CLIC leashes are all here. 
I'm confused so what's the difference?
  1. CLIC Two Way is your "typical" hand held leash with an easy tendering system, "CLIC".

  2. CLIC Three Way is that of Two Way but with a longer lead, it provides the option to wear it across your shoulder. This allows both your hands free, our urban customer's favourite as it allows them to have a cup of coffee in one hand, phone in the other while your furry friend is still being secured to you.

  3. CLIC Four Way includes all the features above but with one additional feature, the Leader System, which in simple terms is a collar. But this is a multi-function collar system.

    Four Way is only offered in our premium styling, Bi-Tone Tan on Beige.